Internet Call Center Solutions

Internet call center solutions form a part of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) packages designed for providing better services to clients. It consists of integrated software tools that enable uninterrupted interaction with clients via VoIP (voice over internet protocol), Internet telephone services, online chat, and e-mails.

Internet call center packages provide network routing solutions that enable customers to interact with customer service representative (CSR), telephone sales or service representative (TSR), associate consultant, or customer service professional employed at the call center. Incoming calls are automatically routed to any of these professionals based on customized routing strategies enabled by the solution logistics. It also offers a flexible and comprehensive routing environment that allows call centers to manage calls based on available company statistics, customer specific data, or rules defined by the customer.

It helps in integrating Internet contact resources that enable call centers to effectively manage thousands of e-mail requests and responses generated on a daily basis. The package allows call centers to transform themselves into full time contact centers by installing web based interaction capabilities. It has tools that provide the requisite environment for creating, implementing, and managing outbound contacts. It has workforce management tools that enable managers to effectively manage and assign available resources for handling inbound and outbound traffic over different communication mediums. It has effective tools that help in securing proprietary data received from the client and minimizes the chances of data theft. Apart from customer related tools, it also has universal workflow management software related to back-office work item processing that helps in automatic electronic documentation of Internet faxes, e-mails, and e-forms which may be required in the future.

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